Component 3

Supporting development of small-scale wind turbines typical 100 kW and less.

A 2018 SAWEP status and review study indicates that there is a small local and export market for sswts.

The study recommends that several, strategic selected sswts pilot projects targeting different applications and markets segments/partners be undertaken to stimulate  small-scale wind market growth in South Africa.

SAWEP is supporting, through the CSIR Energy Centre, Upper Blinkwater (UB) Minigrid project (comprising of 75 kWp PV and 20 kW diesel generator) to assess wind resource and integration of small-scale wind turbines and monitors impact in terms of service delivery and energy savings. This is done in conjunction with the Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development Environment Affairs and Tourism and Lower Saxony State, Germany who are the founders of the UB Minigrid project.

SAWEP is also working with Eastern Cape Province authorities in piloting sswts at selected schools, in support of water supply for schools, biogas digester projects etc.

Component 1

Through a SAWEP study an integrated model, comprising of energy production, revenue and macro economy modules, to estimate development impact of South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) was built.

Component 2

The main objectives of WASA is to develop, verify and employ numerical wind atlas methods and develop capacity to enable large scale of exploitation of wind energy in South Africa.

Component 4

SAWEP is currently providing stipend and course fees for 24 students undergoing formal SAQA accredited Wind Turbine Service Technician (WTST) training, which includes 2 months’ work placement.